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I provide international school music educators with tools for creating dynamic music departments. As an award-winning former Head of Whole School Music, I understand the complexities, challenges and incredibly rewarding outcomes of running a thriving international school music department. My research-informed techniques and frameworks for music technology integration and future-focused pedagogies have helped music teachers and leaders all over the world.

Music Technology Integration

Learn strategies to help build a context-rich, modern & future-focused through-school music curriculum in your international school.

Explore ways to effectively lead your music department, especially if you are working with a tricky mix of creative individuals.

Chris' revolutionary approach to electronic music-making using hardware for schools all around the world.

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Feedback about Chris' work

It was evident that Chris's passion and expertise in music technology were at the forefront of each session. The hands-on exploration of different music technology skills allowed the students to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the subject. 

Chris created and tailored interactive sessions that met the specific needs of our school. The result was an engaging and collaborative learning environment that benefitted both students and staff alike. 

The staff were provided with manageable steps to meaningfully incorporate technology into the curriculum, while the students left the workshop with a sense of achievement and a curiosity to further explore the world of technology.
Melody Leung
Secondary Music Teacher, Hong Kong

Chris was just amazing with our students! He made working with electronics not only fun and meaningful but accessible

Students were able to try something new and they were able to learn about triggering, looping, syncing, ideating, and performing their own compositions electronically, all successfully in very artistic ways.

Students and staff were so engaged and excited to make music in this manner and they were inspired to keep working in this area of musicking. 

Chris is not only an expert in electronic music making, but he is a master pedagogue. His pacing and way of working with everyone was just great.
Demo Dimitrakoulakos
Head of Music 

What began as a workshop proposal for our conference from Mr. Koelma quickly evolved to a full-out keynote address when I realized his background and presentation capabilities.
I cannot overstate how pleased we were with Mr. Koelma’s ability to develop a message that so beautifully matched our specific needs for the occasion

As a service to international school music educators, Chris Koelma is highly recommended.
Keith Montgomery
Executive Director - Association for Music in International Schools (AMIS)

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Beginner Orchestra

Beginner Orchestra aims to solve one main problem for international schools with an orchestra program - write and arrange orchestra pieces written specifically for beginners. No more endless searching through massive databases. No more constant re-arranging. My team of music educators all around the world test and review every single piece making sure the scores and play-alongs are perfect for a beginner orchestra. Plus, you can request the extra parts you need, anytime!

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