Electronic Music Workshops for Schools

Your students love Electronic Music. Now they can perform it!

Hands-on, inclusive & immersive learning experience

  • Highly inclusive workshops appropriate for K-13 students + all teachers.
  • Immersive and authentic learning experience with an expert music education specialist. Total engagement, with a focus on avenues for differentiation catering to diverse learner needs.
  • Links beautifully to all curriculum models/exam boards (iGCSE, A Levels, HSC/VCE, vocational pathways), especially the 'exploring' focus in the PYP, MYP and IBDP curricula.
  • Hands-on, practical approach to electronic music-making, without the confusion often associated with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) i.e. GarageBand, Logic etc.
  • All AIRA Compact devices, cables and headphones provided for the workshop. Use these devices to launch your students into a broader understanding of electronic music. Transfer skills directly to any DAW or modular synth.
  • Workshops already delivered for schools in Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, and more.

Here's what teachers say

Check out some student performances


What can I expect during a day of workshops?

Chris is an expert music educator with 15 years experience working with students from K-12 in international school settings. He will work with your music teachers and students to facilitate immersive, hands-on, and age-appropriate sessions. Chris can happily align all lessons to Australian, British-style or IB curricula (CIE, EdExcel or IBDP).

The format that works best is for Chris to come in for (at least) a full day and follow your normal class schedule/timetable to work with your students & staff. This means minimal disruption to the school day.

Chris will bring a class set of AIRA Compact electronic music devices, plus all headphones and cables, and will facilitate each session.

We can also discuss integrating other DAW's (digital audio workstations) into a day of workshops e.g. GarageBand, BandLab, Logic


How long are the sessions?

A typical session is 60 minutes. This gives students enough time to become fully immersed in the instruments (AIRA Compacts are instruments!) and make some music together as well.

However, Chris is happy to fit in with your normal timetabled lesson length 🙂


How are the sessions conducted?

Chris typically uses an 'informal learning' pedagogy (Green, 2004) to facilitate sessions. This aligns with how electronic musicians learn in the real world. This means that students will be given some freedom to completely explore these instruments based on a curated selection of prompts. Chris will also demonstrate some important features of the instruments and will often perform live during sessions.

Basically, the aim is for students to become immersed in the creative process by getting hands-on as soon as possible with these incredible instruments.

Can I work with Chris to plan a special program for my school?

Of course! The more customised the better. 

Sometimes schools just want to have a day with IBDP students focusing on electronic music. Sometimes schools just want to focus on MYP classes. Chris is happy to tailor things to where you'd like to focus!

Please fill in an expression of interest form and Chris will get in contact with you to book a call to discuss how you'd like to plan your day/s!

Do I need any gear for these sessions?

Chris will bring a class set of AIRA Compacts (30 instruments), cables and wired headphones for the sessions.

If your school has wired headphones (often used for class-based keyboard sessions) then you may like to use these as well.

If you would like to purchase AIRA Compacts for your school before the session, please contact Chris directly: chris@chriskoelma.com

Why Electronic Music and why AIRA Compacts?

Electronic music is a unique approach to music making that has been adopted in almost all cultural contexts. It connects deeply to time and place. Go to India and you have Indian EDM and Hip Hop. Head over to Kenya and you have Kenyan pop and dance tracks. Pop down to Australia and you have First Nations hip hop artists creating incredible electronic music.

Chris has been working with students to create electronic music for many years. The most obvious approach in the last 10+ years in music classrooms has been to use Digital Audio Workstations (DAW's) such as GarageBand, Logic, Ableton etc. 

These are all great tools with multiple use cases for schools, but they can often be quite confusing for students. So many screens, buttons, colours and options! 

Chris found the AIRA Compacts through his partnership with Roland and was blown away. Finally, a digital hardware option that is fully rechargeable, simple to use, and sounds amazing! Chris immediately started testing these in sessions with students and teachers in a number of schools and saw wonderful outcomes. 

Remember when you first brought ukuleles into the classroom and saw the impact on student engagement? Well, consider this the new "ukulele" - insanely engaging and super relevant to current music-making conventions in the real-world.

What do I do if I want to purchase AIRA Compacts for my school?

If you'd like to buy a class set of these devices, please contact Chris directly: chris@chriskoelma.com

Chris has a direct educators' partnership with Roland and can assist you with this, including ordering a custom case for your instruments.


Call or WhatsApp Chris directly: +61 492 867 872