Making Electronic Music - Resources

Access the 'making electronic music resources' here:

  1. Making electronic music resource doc
  2. T-8 sequencing grid template - 32 steps
  3. T-8 sequencing grid template - 16 steps
  4. How-to video tutorial playlist: T-8 Drum Machine
  5. How-to video tutorial playlist: J-6 Chord Synth
  6. How-to video tutorial playlist: E-4 Voice Tweaker
  7. Recreate rhythm pattern video playlist: T-8 Drum Machine
  8. Recreate popular songs video playlist: BlackPink, BTS, The Weekend, Charlie XCX, Lil Nas X and more!
  9. Roland 50 Studio
  10. J-6 Chord Set List and Manual
  11. Instrument names: AIRA Compact T-8 Beat Machine, AIRA Compact J-6 Chord Synth & AIRA Compact E-4 Voice Tweaker